Want a new, science-based approach to easier weight loss, that actually lasts?

Join my 12 week online Weight Loss for Life programme

I'm Dr Sally Norton

And I want you to stop blaming yourself for your failure with dieting and learn an easier way to lose weight and keep it off for life

I've spent decades working in the weight loss field and researching the science behind it. I know that dieting rarely works long-term - though it's not you that's the problem...it's the dieting mentality. So stop that exhausting fight to lose weight! Instead, join my programme and I'll show you how to use your body's inbuilt natural mechanisms to do the work for you - like it was designed to do - rather than a constant battle with your willpower. I'll show you where you may be making weight loss more difficult for yourself - you may be surprised! Let me help to take that weight loss worry away from you. And you can start living again!

Why is this different from other weight loss programmes?

  • It's doctor-led

    As a medical doctor with decades of clinical experience and research, including 15 years performing weight loss surgery, it has been my mission to really understand the science behind why so many women fail on diets. I'll be there to support and advise you through the 12 weeks via my closed FB group.

  • It's for life

    This isn't a quick-fix fad diet. This is about making healthy and sustainable changes to the way you eat, move and live so that you can make weight loss easier, for ever. You'll be left with the tools and strategies to make this work, life-long.

  • It's a new mind-set

    Weight loss is about so much more than the old advice of just 'Eat Less and Move More'. We'll look at how hormones, sleep, your gut bacteria and more are associated with easier weight loss. Some is common-sense - I'll tell you why you need to take notice! Some will be completely new.

  • It's science-based

    Every piece of advice I provide is based on the best available scientific evidence. And I trawl the research on all aspects of health and lifestyle to find anything I can that has been shown to make weight loss easier.

  • It cuts through confusion

    There's so much conflicting and confusing information on weight loss out there. It's hard to know what to believe. I'll explain the principles behind easier weight loss and challenge the old advice that hasn't really helped you so far!

  • It's adaptable to you

    So many diets fail because they don't work for your particular tastes or lifestyle. My programme gives you a the tools and the help you need to create a long-term weight loss strategy that will work for you. I'll provide videos, check-lists, recipes, exercises and more.

What's included

All you need in 12 weeks to help you change your life....from a medical weight loss doctor with decades of clinical and research experience

  • A welcome video as soon as you purchase and immediate access to the programme

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions that you can access at a time and place to suit you

  • My 50 page e-book, Nourish, to get you started with healthy eating for long-term weight loss.

  • Over 40 bite-sized videos packed with information, science and advice on how to make weight loss easier

  • Access to my years of research and experience on the real reasons behind your weight loss struggles

  • Weekly tasks to help you reach your weight loss goals

  • Extra resources each week to help you understand more about the changes you are making

  • An invitation to my closed Weight Loss for Life Facebook group so that you can ask questions from me and benefit from the support of our community

  • A long-term strategy to help you continue to control your weight for life, without dieting or despair

Hear what women are saying....

“Extremely enlightening, nothing like anything I’ve ever done before (for example Weight Watchers). You are a professional and understand the topic from a medical point of view (and that is a massive plus point), clever, a similar age, with an understanding of the life that women my age are leading and all the pressures that brings and I liked that - I don’t want a 20 year old in a gym telling me how to eat! - FM”

“Thank you so much for such a wealth of amazing information and support. It has been an awakening to know much damage I have done over the years with my yo yo dieting. Understanding the processes our bodies go through as been enlightening. I have been having some light bulb moments in last week or so with some amazing discoveries thanks to what I have been learning from Sally! Fascinating - am feeling quite excited!! - MS ”

“Really pleased with your course. I have really begun to understand more about how my body works. I now am taking your advice and slowly working through each area to make long term changes. I have grown in confidence about who I am and am beginning to believe in who I am more. I enjoy my life even with its ups and downs and am extremely grateful for the opportunities. I have really enjoyed Dr Sally’s information and clear guidance. I really wanted to say thank you for the advice and support. Really understanding this new management of eating and the reasons for eating the right types of foods too. - ST ”

“A positive change I have noticed since starting this programme - I have had a painful shoulder for about the last 18 months. Nothing really got to the bottom of it. The pain is gone! I have also had compliments on my skin and I can feel my energy levels have increased. I feel like I have “woken up” for want of a better description! Also, I deleted the Weight Watchers and Slimming World apps from my phone, it felt very empowering!! Already I am noticing the improvements in my sleep. And levels of resilience to things that would have tipped me over the edge previously have increased. - VM”

“The course was and is HUGELY helpful, being aware that there are no quick fixes To understand and be aware of choices backed up by facts really helps I am now equipped with the right information so when it’s just me I know I will be doing things right Thank you really loved the course - spot on Thank you again for educating me - FM ”

“I think the big thing is I have stopped beating myself up about my shape and if i have ‘mistakes’ in my diet. I have lots of things I am doing well (protein is up, snacking is down, self esteem is up, carbs are down) some I need to improve (reducing wine and increasing exercise), but I have the right tools now! - PH”

“I was glad of the science because when someone says something I like to know why and it’s easier to believe and understand it when you have the science behind it! I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders – I was no longer on a diet! - LL”

“Weekly handouts really useful to recap after each session and homework gave me something to focus on. Very clear webinars – easy to understand. It's completely different to any ‘diet’ I still need to learn to cut out foods but the reasons why are explained rather than just being told not to eat something. I see food in a different way and focus on other changes to body/mind rather than just number on scale. I feel that I have the understanding and tools to finally achieve it this time – although it’s going to be a very long journey but more sustainable as it’s a lifestyle change rather than short-term diet. - TM ”


  • How does the course actually work?

    Every week you will get a video session from me plus all the resources you need to make small but vital changes to your life. Some of these changes may seem minor in themselves - but I will explain why they are so important. Any questions? Simply head over to my closed Facebook group to ask me and the community - or message me through your course dashboard if you're a bit shy!

  • I'm coeliac / vegetarian / gluten-free - can you still help me lose weight?

    Yes, my Weight Loss for Life programme is not a fixed, one-size fits all diet. Far from it. It provides you with all the tools and resources to lose weight in a way that suits your own, individual circumstances....so you can keep it up for life!.

  • Will you give me a meal plan that I need to stick to?

    My Weight Loss for Life programme is not a fixed diet that you either stick to or fall off....we know they don't work. In fact, science has shown that this approach is just not effective for longterm weight loss. Instead, I will provide you with the information and guidance you need to work out the right way of eating for your particular body shape, health and lifestyle....but I will give you my 50 page e-book, Nourish, full of simple meal ideas and a plan to get you started. And then there will be plenty more recipe tips and menu plans for inspiration!

  • I'm very unfit and overweight and unable to exercise because of chronic health problems - can I still do your programme?

    Yes, of course. In fact, exercise is over-rated when it comes to weight loss as you will discover. Instead, we will be looking at ways to use exercise as a tool to achieve certain specific aims - and I will show you how to tailor those to suit your own individual needs.

  • I've done loads of diets and they just don't work. Why is this any different?

    Join the club! Most women, and some men too, have been on countless diets over the years and put on, rather than lost weight overall. This is different - it's not a diet but a science-based way to re-engage with your own body's natural weight control mechanisms so that your weight starts to come off without a constant battle.

  • I have no willpower - how will I be able to stick to a 12 week programme?

    Good news! Minimal willpower is needed. In fact, willpower is woefully over-rated as it fails for most people when they are tired, hungry or stressed. That's why most diets fail. But we will be using lots of science-based ways that avoid the need to use willpower alone. So, over the 12 weeks things will just get easier and easier (rather than more and more difficult) as all of these small changes kick in.

  • Why a 12 week programme? Can't I just get all the info in one go?

    It's not about having all the info. It's about making the time to focus on the changes that I am going to be introducing each week. How many times have you read about something but failed to implement it? I know, from years of experience, that people who focus on one thing at a time and do it properly, are the ones who succeed in their goals. If you follow this 12 week programme, you will have ingrained all the habits you need to keep your weight off for life - not just a few weeks.

  • Is this programme for women only?

    No - though it is geared towards women, their hormones and their psyche! But many weight loss issues are the same for men and women. And plenty of men have found the programme useful. Where relevant I have added some extra info aimed more at men so feel free to join in!

This programme isn't for you if....

  • You just want a quick-fix, short-term diet even though they just don't work and can do you harm

  • You aren't prepared to make time for yourself to sort this out once and for all

  • You think that focusing on yourself to improve your health and happiness is selfish and you don't deserve it

  • You don't want to know the 'why' and 'how' - you just want to blindly follow a one-size-fits-all plan

  • You think that the weight loss advice out there is enough, if only you had the willpower to make it work

  • You think that it's your fault that you can't control your weight and don't believe that it can be different