Stop dieting, start living

  • A welcome video as soon as you purchase and immediate access to the programme

  • 12 weekly coaching sessions that you can access at a time and place to suit you

  • My 50 page e-book, Nourish, to get you started with healthy eating for long-term weight loss.

  • Over 40 bite-sized videos packed with information, science and advice on how to make weight loss easier

  • Access to my years of research and experience on the real reasons behind your weight loss struggles

  • Weekly tasks to help you reach your weight loss goals

  • Extra resources each week to help you understand more about the changes you are making

  • An invitation to my closed Weight Loss for Life Facebook group so that you can ask questions from me and benefit from the support of our community

  • A long-term strategy to help you continue to control your weight for life, without dieting or despair

Hear from previous clients

“Extremely enlightening, nothing like anything I’ve ever done before (for example Weight Watchers). You are a professional and understand the topic from a medical point of view (and that is a massive plus point), clever, a similar age, with an understanding of the life that women my age are leading and all the pressures that brings and I liked that - I don’t want a 20 year old in a gym telling me how to eat!”


“MS Thank you so much for such a wealth of amazing information and support. It has been an awakening to know much damage I have done over the years with my yo yo dieting. Understanding the processes our bodies go through as been enlightening. I have been having some light bulb moments in last week or so with some amazing discoveries thanks to what I have been learning from Sally! Fascinating - am feeling quite excited!! ”


“Really pleased with your course. I have really begun to understand more about how my body works. I now am taking your advice and slowly working through each area to make long term changes. I have grown in confidence about who I am and am beginning to believe in who I am more. I enjoy my life even with its ups and downs and am extremely grateful for the opportunities. I have really enjoyed Dr Sally’s information and clear guidance. I really wanted to say thank you for the advice and support. Really understanding this new management of eating and the reasons for eating the right types of foods too. ”


“A positive change I have noticed since starting this programme - I have had a painful shoulder for about the last 18 months. Nothing really got to the bottom of it. The pain is gone! I have also had compliments on my skin and I can feel my energy levels have increased. I feel like I have “woken up” for want of a better description! Also, I deleted the Weight Watchers and Slimming World apps from my phone, it felt very empowering!! Already I am noticing the improvements in my sleep. And levels of resilience to things that would have tipped me over the edge previously have increased.”


“The course was and is HUGELY helpful, being aware that there are no quick fixes To understand and be aware of choices backed up by facts really helps I am now equipped with the right information so when it’s just me I know I will be doing things right Thank you really loved the course - spot on Thank you again for educating me ”


“I think the big thing is I have stopped beating myself up about my shape and if i have ‘mistakes’ in my diet. I have lots of things I am doing well (protein is up, snacking is down, self esteem is up, carbs are down) some I need to improve (reducing wine and increasing exercise), but I have the right tools now! ”


“I was glad of the science because when someone says something I like to know why and it’s easier to believe and understand it when you have the science behind it! I felt like a weight had lifted from my shoulders – I was no longer on a diet! ”


“Weekly handouts really useful to recap after each session and homework gave me something to focus on. Very clear webinars – easy to understand. It's completely different to any ‘diet’ I still need to learn to cut out foods but the reasons why are explained rather than just being told not to eat something. I see food in a different way and focus on other changes to body/mind rather than just number on scale I feel that I have the understanding and tools to finally achieve it this time – although it’s going to be a very long journey but more sustainable as it’s a lifestyle change rather that short-term diet. ”


Stop dieting, start living